About the PRK-1U device

The principle of work with the PRK-1U device. The mechanism of operation of the device

The device of the development of the concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U was created in accordance with my two patents. This is the first patent is "Method for Prevention of Catastrophes and Device for its Realization" and the second patent is "Information-Carrying System".

Within this method, where a person generates a bio-signal, as written in the patent, and directs to the optical systems, and the optical systems amplify this signal.

In accordance with the patent "Information-Carrying System", the system works so that the signal is transmitted practically instantly and a increase in the action occurs, that is, the second action is almost immediately along with the first one. Due to this, a powerful level of increase of power of control emergeswhich, by the way, just corresponds to the notion of a quantum leap, a high energy level, and due to this, a person's thought becomes more productive, the thinking is accelerated, then, according to the existing practice, the controlling clairvoyance develops in people.

The difference of the controlling clairvoyance is that a person sees something that is not visible to the eyes at a great distance, and at the same time, by the effort of will, directs towards the better from the point of view of eternal life, eternal development.

The controlling forecasting is developing similarly, that is, for the future time. Significant improvements take place in relation to the events that the person solves both in the spiritual sphere and at the physical level, including what concerns the human organism.

The meaning of the whole patent is, that a thought is regarded as a weak light signal, as a light signal, which is transmitted through the crystal. In this case, this thought signal falls on the external lens and, in accordance with the patent "Information-Carrying System", is transmitted to the internal optical unit.

The internal unit is built in accordance with the patent "Method for Prevention of Catastrophes and Device for its Realization" exactly of this device PRK-1U. And the signal that comes from a thought is processed due to the optical transmissions of light, then an electric, magnetic, that is, an electromagnetic field due to microelectronic components is added. And then the principle of duality, which is in physics, is used, that is, you can treat any matter as a wave and as a particle.

When I was conducting, of course, directly the setting up of the optical unit in combination with the electromagnetic field, I added the possibility, my personal ability of the controlling clairvoyance.

Well, in fact, the device itself develops the controlling clairvoyance, organizes the concentration of eternal life based the controlling clairvoyance, then the concentration of eternal life for the controlling forecasting and the concentration of eternal life for any event. At the same time, there is a function of the device to concentrate, to develop the concentration of eternal life for rejuvenation.

And therefore, the name is the device for the development of concentration, it is called "The Device for development of concentration PRK-1U" the index "U" is in the name means that the spectrum of application is universal, while there is a number of devices, different ones, which relate to medicine, engineering and so on.

And why it is called precisely for the concentrations that relate to eternal life, is because the device allocates a frequency spectrum that corresponds exactly to the vibrational characteristics of the macromatter, that is, to the structure of eternity. That is, the device emits, in fact, the field characteristic of eternity.

And due to this happens (due to the principle of duality) the imposition of vibrational characteristics of the material structure of man, it is superimposed as if in a coherent version, it is superimposed on this vibration. And we get the effect, which is now felt by everyone who has the tests.

Here, the whole structure of the world, which is visible with the help of the controlling clairvoyance, stands out in a definite form. This very form gives the light irradiation of eternity. The field form, I transfer the form into vibration. That is, the form, any form, emits some kind of light. Accordingly, if all information of the world is transferred into a form, this form has volume, and it emits light. The very form I single out through the controlling clairvoyance.

At the same time, there is a form corresponding to the human cell. And, accordingly, this form also emits a certain, so-called, angular radiation coefficient. Due to this angular coefficient, it is possible to calculate accurately which, and how much light is emitted by a specific geometric figure, and how much of this light falls on another geometric figure. Thus, just a structure that, in fact, corresponds to eternity and a separate cell of the body, and the amount of radiation is calculated there between the cell and the entire shape of the whole world. Then the reverse mathematical problem is solved simply enough, that is, what radiation should be from the cell, so that the cell is eternal. And the device by means of optical and electromagnetic actions increases this intensity.

Well, this way, when the device is turned on, people start to feel this structure of eternity, that is, a certain structure, a certain structure of light, which can be identified, described by the characteristics of the field and the characteristics of the substance. That is, to use both the corpuscular model of a particle and the wave model. It can be both a field, and a particle.

At the moment (*we are talking about 2016), hose who had the test, about a hundred people have tested the device, and all without exception, immediately from the first time feel exactly this, well, it can be more called as a field. And such characteristics that correspond to eternal life appear, which correspond to longevity, such as a sense of reducing body weight, or as a type of levitation, a feeling of less body weight, lightness.

Then many persons, if they have any problems related to health, feel locally the influx of heat into this place, the heat. And at the level of physical laws, at the quantum mechanical level, the strengthening of the structure of matter towards eternity occurs.

The substance strengthens in the direction of eternity.

The characteristics that are intrinsic to the substance are changed respectively there. For example, as if the structure of plasticity, the structure of the elasticity of the material becomes more stable if the tests are conducted in the laboratory conditions on a substance.

When this device is turned on, it is possible to see a very powerful increase in the intensity of the radiation of a thought.
And you can see how the radiation of a thought falls into the structure of the organism, into the material structure of the organism. And considering that, accordingly, due to the thought, which is also light, one can influence the matter of the organism, if we consider it as a wave at the microlevel, then, it turns out, that due to thinking, the organism and not only the organism but the objects of the external world can be normalized. And in fact this device just develops this ability.
But when the man's ability has been already developed, the device becomes unnecessary. And the characteristics of the devices includes the following information that when working with development for controlling forecasting, this task is posed: to learn how to work independently so that the use of the device is not needed any more.

And, accordingly, this class of devices of this type, solve such a problem that under the conditions of cybernation of the future, when there are many cybernetic systems, man does not depend on instrument systems in infinite development.

The system of safe eternal development of mankind, living organisms in general.
And, accordingly, the task of this device is to create such a direction of this class of devices, to create a direction in instrument-making, when the device is not dangerous, because it is controlled by Consciousness. Well, it is one of the system tasks of this class of devices. It can be seen from the logic, it is clear from the logic that if the device is controlled by Consciousness, then safety of this device is the maximum.

For setting the device "I consider interaction, firstly, of this level of eternal life that exists at the birth of man. I look, then, what kind of development happens in the future, when we work independently for some time. And it turns out that this level, that is a certain sphere of eternal life, which exists in man at birth, depending on its segments in some way, manifests itself in different parts of the body in different ways. That is, for example, a sphere located in the region of the lumbar spine. Then the light from this sphere passes through the body. And I begin to connect geometrically that matter of eternal life that is generated by the device, with what comes from the primary level of man's birth, that is with what comes from God, as it created by God. Further, it means that when these glows join together, it turns out that exactly this plan for joining this light of eternity, coming from man and from the device, this is a special task that requires controlling clairvoyance to make this joining quickly and accurately".

Grigori Grabovoi