About the PRK-1U device

How to concentrate on the PRK-1U device

Development of concentrations that provide eternal life for all is carried out by the concentration of attention on the receiver of a generated biosignal and control for achieving the result of the concentrations.

The more the concentration is carried out, the faster the goal is achieved, and the events are optimized.

In the device, by superposition of the fields from generation of the biosignal, electromagnetic fields, in addition to this factor of psychology, according to the law of universal connections, controlling for the goal of concentration is added.

Working with the device occurs with concentration of human thoughts on lenses of the device. Thought contains goal of concentration.

Concentration for the present and future time
Action of concentration for the present and future time is produced by concentration on lenses of the device, starting from the lens of smaller diameter and proceeding to the next lenses in a counter-clockwise direction.

Concentration for events of the past
With concentrations related to events of the past, circulating movement of thought of a concentration is carried out clockwise from the lens of smaller diameter to the lens of a bigger diameter. And the beam of concentration, at the same time, wasn't above, as for the concentration for the present and future time, but from the side of the internal optical unit of the device.

Concentration with number sequences
Beside the lenses, there are numbers, on which one can concentrate for intensifying the effect in achieving goals by using number sequences given by Grigori Grabovoi. In this case, the concentration is realized first on the number, and then on the lens beside.