About the PRK-1U device

Information about the testing of the PRK-1U device

The beginning of concentrations
You can start testing the device as follows:
Making circular movements with your eyes concentrating from a lens of a smaller diameter counterclockwise through lenses of a larger diameter.

It is necessary before this concentration or during concentration to focus on the purpose for which the concentration is carried out.

It is necessary to perceive the sensations arising during the concentration, including sensations in the body, and information about ways to achieve the goal. It is recommended after or during concentration to write down the sensations in the body and information about ways to achieve the goal, which can then be used and developed with the following concentrations until the goal is achieved. The methods can be divided into actions that must be taken to achieve the goal through the application of event control methods from the Grigori Grabovoi Teaching Program. And into any physical actions that need to be taken to achieve the goal.

Continuation of concentrations
During the tests of the PRK-1U concentration development device, it is recommended to concentrate as follows:

Control 1: Development of concentrations of eternal life for any event
First concentrate on a localized spot or region of your body that needs normalizing. Then the same concentration can be done for other spots or regions. After that you can concentrate on any desired event.

Control 2: Development of concentrations of eternal life for controlling clairvoyance

First you apply control clairvoyance to see in the current time the room or the place you left or visited a few hours ago. After that you can apply control clairvoyance for any event. It is advisable that the aim of control you set is the aim that you really want to achieve.

While viewing the event in the course of the concentration on control clairvoyance you can correct the event at the same time, if need be. This is because control clairvoyance differs from ordinary clairvoyance in that control clairvoyance, when applied for event viewing, at the same time corrects, improves, if needed, the events to ensure eternal life.

Control 3: Development of concentrations of eternal life for controlling forecasting
You can by developing concentrations for ensuring eternal life to all, view a more distant future. While viewing it, you can at this very time, if needed, correct the events.

Control 4: Development of concentrations of eternal life for rejuvenation
You can perform concentration for your own rejuvenation; after that - for rejuvenation of other people. If you think that you are young and thus do not need to work on rejuvenation yet, then you need to practice this concentration for training. Then in the future, when you do want to rejuvenate yourself, you will already know how to do it.

During this concentration you can visualize yourself at the desired age and in the course of the concentration feel it to the point that you really perceive yourself being that age.

Control 5: Development of concentrations of eternal life using number series
In the PRK-1U device, the digits 1, 4, 5 are located near the smaller lens, and the digits 2, 7, 8 and 9,0,6,3 are located near the larger lenses.

The development of concentrations of eternal life in the presence of digits near the lenses can be done simply by concentrating on the lenses in the usual ways and you can add concentrations on the numbers. To do this, you need to concentrate on the digit of the number series, and then on the lens near which the digit is located.

Thus, it is possible to do concentrations using all the numbers of the series written in the works of Grigori Grabovoi. Such a development of the concentrations of eternal life can be made by successive concentrations on the digits of the number series from the works of Grigori Grabovoi, then on the digits where the maximum effect was manifested, or by non-consecutive concentrations through an arbitrary choice of digits from the number series. It is also possible to apply consecutive and arbitrary concentrations on digits in one concentration period.

You can use books containing number series created by Grigori Grabovoi. You need to look at the number of the row in the book and then find this number near the lenses, hold your gaze on it and the adjacent lens and move on to the next number of the row.

Thus, the control of target number series given in Grigori Grabovoi's books will be enhanced with the help of PRK-1U.

The more practical experience you gain in achieving goals in this way, the faster eternal life is realized for everyone, since the information of personal experience is transmitted to everyone through the area of collective consciousness. Explicit informing, for example, via the Internet of others about own good results obtained by applying the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi significantly strengthens the control of achieving goals.

Information about the principles and methods of the development of concentrations of eternal life using PRK-1U
Development of concentrations that provide eternal life for all is carried out by the concentration of attention on the receiver of a generated biosignal and control for achieving the result of the concentrations. It is known in psychology, that the more the concentration is carried out, the faster the goal is achieved, and the events are optimized.

In the device, by superposition of the fields from generation of the biosignal, electromagnetic fields, in addition to this factor of psychology, according to the law of universal connections, controlling for the goal of concentration is added. The PRK-1U device develops concentrations of creative controlling.

In the theory of wave synthesis, it is known that a thought generated into radiation can have two quantum states simultaneously. One of these states is located on the sensor element of the signal transmitter, and the other on the signal receiver. This makes it possible to create devices for ensuring eternal life that interact with thinking.

In the patents for inventions by Grigori Grabovoi it is written that human operator generates information in the form of the emission of thought. In order to activate the function of the device PRK - 1U, a person concentrates emission, created by thought, on the lenses located on the upper surface of the device.

Thought contains a goal of concentration.

The action of concentration for the current and future time is made on the sensor element of the transmitter of signals consisting of lenses. Circular movements of concentrations, starting from lens of smaller diameter, are carried out counter-clockwise above the lenses of a bigger diameter.

At concentrations related to the events of the past, the circular motion of the thought of concentration was performed clockwise starting from the lens of smaller diameter to the lens of bigger diameter. And the ray of concentration in this case was not on the top, as in the case of concentrations for the current and future time, but from the inner optical assembly of the device.

In accordance with the system of transmission of information described in the patent, the second quantum state of thought is projected onto the receiver of signals, arranged in the form of optical device inside the device.

Realization of the method of normalization, during the concentration, described in the patent "Method of Prevention of Catastrophes and Device for its Realization", is carried out through superposition of the bio-signal generated fields, electromagnetic fields. To the factor of psychology, according to the law of action of universal connections, controlling for the goal of concentration is added.